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Hey there internet! It’s been awhile.

I created this site back in early 2021 after many attempts to host it myself failed, and I’ve been living the dream ever since! Sort of… The homepage is still entirely unfinished, as I have yet to garner any images to go with my projects, and there are some things which are really hard to put into words but are necessary to show the true nature of what I want to showcase here on my site.

Today I was getting tired of coding line after line of Java and tirelessly putting in the hours to make Jump The Volcano the game I want it to be. Luckily, the day before, my friend had contacted me about something he had asked me to do a long time ago. About mid-March when the weather was nice he has in our backyard with a few others and asked me if I could make a Minecraft server for him and some of his other friends. I’m not really a multiplayer kind of guy, but I of course accepted, never having hosted a Minecraft server reliably myself, and knowin that having it run 24/7 would be a tremendous benefit over other free hosting providers.

I ran into a problem immediately, though. I was workin a few months back in transitiong my DNS infrastructure to a new location. I needed some certain features of DNS which my hosting provider did not provide on their free plan. To solve, the problem, I first thought it would be cool to run my own DNS server, but this proved unsustainable as I only have one public IP address and I need at least two for most DNS servers to recognize me as valid. I eventually moved to another provider whose plan was more restrictive in terms of how much I could create, but had no restrictions on the types of DNS records I could create.

Please note this solution is only temporary as I will undoubtedly surpass this provider’s free tier and be forced to find yet another solution, that one hopefully being more long-term.

Now, all this DNS stuff was for a completely different project, but while I was dealing with it, everything was down, including this website. I couldn’t make a Minecraft server if I couldn’t properly get my DNS working. Luckily, the problem had been solved, so I could move on.

As I was moving toward getting a Minecraft server software setup and running on a VM, I stumbled across my website here which I hadn’t touched in a little under a year. I knew I needed to make improvements to it but had put off the work for far too long. I decided to sidetrack the Minecraft stuff and fix my website once and for all. To do that I needed to gather images, specifically logos for each of my projects which couldn’t be represented physically. I opened up GIMP in the afternoon while I was at school with nothing to do and got to work creating a logo for Jump The Volcano, the project I’ll say I’m the most proud of. After creating it, I showed it to my friend Eric, who replied: “That looks like an NFT!”

This leads us to today’s topic, the Jump The Volcano Official Non-Fungible Tokens!! I’ve created a crypto wallet, and set up an account on OpenSea, the largest NFT exchange around. I decided to use the Polygon sidechain for my first few NFTs, since I wanted to avoid paying the sometimes high Gas prices for using the regular Ethereum mainnet. As of writing, there is only one NFT, the Jump The Volcano Logo, which I am selling a single one of, for a fixed price of around $5.00 USD (that’s $5.00 at the current Ethereum exchange rate, prices subject to change). The actual price is a 17 digit long decimal ETH value, that I won’t type here, and it isn’t exactly $5.00 USD, but I think that’s okay.

When you buy this NFT, almost all the money goes to me, save for a 2.5% fee given to OpenSea itself. For 5 bucks, you get the logo of Jump The Volcano to do what you please with, including selling to others atany price you want. Please note that there is a 1% Creator Earnings fee set on all NFTs in the Jump The Volcano colection. This means if you resell your JTV NFT to someone else, I get 1% of the transaction back. Buying my NFTs is currently the best way to support what I do, as it is an easy way for me to transmit money without having to deal with fiat currecnies, and it is anonymous, so my personal data is protected. It also helps me and you learn more about crypto and the amazing world of decentralized currency.

That’s really all I have to say in this blog post. I hope to be posting more often now, and will be making more NFTs to flesh out the Jump The Volcano collecction. Be sure to check out the NFTs here!

And with that, peace out