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I recently got some new SD cards for my raspberry pis. I was using my old ones to run Ubuntu Core and accidentally got the network info wrong and was not able to connect to them remotely. Because of the way Ubuntu Core works, I had effectivly bricked all the SD cards I own.

I got some new ones (finally), and unfortunately, they are not working. I’ve only taken the first one out of the box, but right away it wasn’t cooperating. And because of the fact that I lost my multiboot usb with all my stuff on it, I have to use CDs to boot my computer into live environments.

This shouldn’t be a big deal, but in order to get the full power of partition editing, you need to have all your disks/partitions unmounted, aka live environment. Now, CDs take forever to write and have a (sort-of) limited lifetime. Luckily I have like 50 of ‘em and each can store a lot of data. The only downside is in the speed of data transfer, which makes me pretty sad.

I’ve tried all the stuff I could find, but my card seems broken, and the weirdest part is that it’s new. So, I suspect the culprit is my card reader. The only test is to use another preader to succesfully read the card. I am also going to put a second new card into the old reader to test if both of them are “broken”. This would rove whether ther reader is broken or not.

I haven’t done that yet as it is the middle of the night and I need sleep but that will happen tommorow. That’s all I had to say in this post so bye.